Thursday, May 22, 2008

Natalie's Wit

I'm very happy that Natalie is developing a sense of humor similar to my own. It seems that snarky sarcasm is genetic.

Today, Natalie gave me a great example.

We were looking through a book of letters that she put together at school, and each letter has an animal associated with it that she's colored in and glued to the book. We were talking about our favorite animals, and when mine wasn't represented in the book (buffalo), she asked for a few backups. I saw centipede, so I claimed that one as a favorite animal.

Then I asked her how many legs does a centipede have, and without so much as a pause, she fired back, "More than it needs."

I thought that was hilariously witty and her timing was excellent. Good for her.

Things like this make me look forward to future conversations with her!

1 comment:

Tris Mast said...

That's classic. She is like her dad.
Your story reminds me of when I was driving a carload of kids and they saw a Dairy Queen. They all started yelling, "Let's go to DQ!" I leaned over to my little nephew and asked, "What's DQ?"
He shook his head at me and answered, "Dumb question."


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