Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Matthew, the Pirate

Matthew loves Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, but he doesn't like to go on it... He'll say no every time I ask him if he wants to go on it, and since I enjoy the 14 minutes of solitude, peace and quiet to rest from tromping around the park all day, pushing 70 pounds of stroller, I'll make him go on it. He'll complain a little in line that he doesn't like the "Pirate ride," that is, until he gets in the boat and is lulled into submission by the fireflies and the twangy "Old Susannah" on the banjo. He especially loves the two initial waterfalls.

Lately, every thing he picks up has been going on a simulated "Pirate ride." For example, last night, each spoonful of frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon rode up a ramp high above his head, then came crashing down into the waterfall with a piercing scream of delight before it could go into his mouth.

All the while, he was quietly chanting in a low piratey voice: "Dead men have no tails..."

1 comment:

Ryan or Kara said...

It goes like this, "Dead men with no tails . . . whooooooooooooo."
I love it!


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