Saturday, November 03, 2007

This is Halloween

As usual, I would have been happy dressing up for Halloween as a parent. It’s easy and costumes are readily available. However, a week or so before Halloween, Natalie insisted everyone dress up for trick or treating, and since Kara always dresses up for school, I was the one that had to find a costume. As luck would have it, I have everything I need to be a cowboy, from the boots to the leather vest and handkerchief around my neck to the sheriff’s badge on my vest. All that was missing was a gun and holster, but it isn’t a good idea to go walking around with that these days, especially with the itchy fingers of Johnny Law trolling the streets (damn fascists).

A week earlier we went out to Temecula and picked some pumpkins, paid a small fortune for them, but perhaps it was worth it because the kids had so much fun. And they got to ride a pony, which was their first time . They did very well.

For Halloween, Natalie was a princess, of course, and Matthew went as a shark, one of his favorite animals. She loved wearing her costume, but Matthew, not so much. But he’s a trooper and toughed it out, though we couldn't get him to wear the teeth-studded hood. But then again, trick or treating wasn’t that tough of a job for us, because we went out for approximately 20 minutes, visiting only eight or 10 houses on our street. Natalie was more excited to race home and give out candy than she was getting it, and Matthew didn’t really understand the concept yet, as he spent the whole time rather perplexed at the goings on.

But even Elsa got into the spirit. I tied one of those chemical-induced glow sticks to her collar and she went as The Green Lantern, a crime-fighting quadruped. Here are some of the pictures:

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