Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Poker Party

Sometimes, I feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I’m not entirely successful when it comes to parties, and if you're a fan of the sitcom, you'll understand my allusion. I’ve gone out on the limb before to host a party, and they’ve not ended exactly as I expected, nor have they started just the same either. However, this time, I decided to call on a core group of trusted friends to come to a poker night at my house. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, just poker in the garage with some pizza and some assembled drinks.

It went surprisingly well, on top of which, I only lost a dollar, which is unusual for me. Imagine that, an entire evening and it cost only a dollar! Some left with less (ahem, Rico) and some finished the night with much more (nice going Scott), but all in all, we enjoyed nearly six hours of fun poker with close friends, from Anaconda to Midnight Baseball to Chicago to Acey-Ducey, and everyone is still able to pay their bills and leave the table without feelings of remorse. There was pizza, chips, dip, beer and a mixed collection of grain alcohol with Brian’s newly introduced Route 66 to drench the thirst of us all. It is too bad my brother-in-law couldn’t make it, but he was stuck fighting the good fight for the safety and sanctity of our country.

It lasted longer than I expected, as we just finished up a moment ago, and I hope that it becomes a regular event. Neighborhood poker, especially low stakes (our buy-in was only 22 dollars), is a great way to enjoy the company of good friends, all of them I are my brothers in one way or another, while not breaking the bank or having to explain to Kara why we have to move to a smaller house because I bet the mortgage.

A good time was had by all... even Rico...better luck next time!

However, the low stakes didn't distract from how serious game got at times! Check out the pictures.

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