Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camping Trip 2007

Probably much to the surprise to those that think I loaf around the house with very little to do but these silly pet projects and time-wasting endeavours, I have actually been more busy these last few weeks than I have been in a couple of years. Sadly, my freelance career has been quite a demanding shrew as of late, and it has taken a toll on my lush lifestyle. But then again, when you've got the milk, make some butter... or whatever it was that my dad told me to do when business is good... meaning take advantage of the good times because they might not always be good times; I'm not sure what that has to do with butter, but I understood what he was saying.

If only the taxman would look the other way from time to time, I'd be more inclined to work harder, but I'm at the point in my career that if I worked any more than I already am, I might as well sign over any checks I get right to Uncle Sam and work for free.

So, I've actually have been working a lot, most of every day... aside from taking the afternoon to put together the long-anticipated video compilation of my recent overnighter in the desert last week. It was nice to check it off of my mental list of things to do so I can get back to working again. The video turned out much longer than I thought it would (hence the yawny parts), but I wanted to show a sense of what it was like to spend the evening with some old fraternity brothers that seem like they don't get out of the house too often.

True to form, I didn't hit the sack until well after three in the morning, and when the day's temperature is a lip-smacking 106-degrees, it is quite an early punch in the gut when the sun crests the mountain and starts to bake you in your sleeping bag.

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Brian Roche said...

Ryan, that was awesome! You've got talent...and too much time on your hands.

I'm sorry I missed it.


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