Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Into the woods with a saw in hand,
Christmas trees scattered across the land.
We searched for the right one, row after row
The one Gnat picked had a heavenly glow.

She gave it a hug, its needles were prickly,
Matthew pet a branch and said it was tickly
We all agreed, raised hands cast our vote,
It was the best, without exception or note.

Finally the time came for Dad to chop it down,
We packed up the truck for the trip back to town.
Our hands were sappy and the truck smelled of pine,
We sang Christmas Carols to pass the time.

Dad strung up the lights, some twinkle, some don’t,
The tree should stand straight, this year it just won’t.
The kids place the ornaments, mostly with care,
Some broke, some fell and some branches left bare.

The room was aglow when we plugged in the strings,
The radio played as some old crooner sings.
We finished the tree and it was quite a sight,
Now we just wait for Santa’s annual flight.

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Grant's Mom said...

Very cute!!!! So creative!!! Merry Christmas!


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