Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Black Weirdos

Oh yes, as Kara mentions in a comment to my Halloween post, I forgot to mention Matthew's run-in with the black weirdos.

I think he tries to be as verbose and garrulous as Natalie, but some times, when he can't quite think of the phrase he wants to say or something he may have just heard, he'll either make up something pretty close or just completely coin a new phrase altogether.

While making our short route around the immediate vicinity of our neighborhood, we stopped at one house just around the corner from ours. It was nicely decorated for the holiday. Matthew and Natalie go up to the door by themselves, as Kara and I wait at the curb, and while Natalie is ringing the bell, Matthew suddenly shouts out, "There's black weridos!" or "I see a black weirdo," something to that effect. He bolts around and quickly makes his way back to us. You see, a "black weirdo" to him is a Black Widow spider to the rest of us, one of those unfortunately side effects to living in a semi-desert climate. Whether or not there was actually a Black Widow spider--a real one--on the porch is unknown, but it was probably a decoration of some sort.

However, the door opens to the house, and Natalie, by herself, is greated by African Americans. Of course, I had to bite my cheek to keep me from laughing too hard.

I can only hope they didn't hear what Matthew had said. Because really, black weirdos are just Black Widows to our little two-year-old!

**The picture above is Matthew taking a rest. He was waiting for Natalie and said, "I'm just going to sit down here," on someone's driveway.


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Ryan or Kara said...

I just love this story. I remember him running back with a bit of fear. I wish we had gotten it on video.


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