Friday, December 14, 2007

Lame, Getting Ill

Not to be outdone or left out in the goings on of the family unit but whatever little buggies Matthew brought into the house has made its way to me. I’m not surprised, since I spent the last four days with Matthew coughing indiscriminately in my face most every time he had the inclination to do so. I just figured it was a matter of time before it became my turn, but I figure I’ve got a couple of days before it really hits me hard. Right now, I’m swallowing through a sore throat, feeling sniffly and suffering the pressures of a sinus headache, but it’s not that bad. I’d call myself part of the walking wounded if it were that easy.

I guess I was feeling a little jealous of all the attention Kara got after she hurt her knee. Doctor’s fawned over her, she got cards in the mail (well, one) and the question on everyone’s lips when I speak to them is, “How’s Kara’s knee?”

Well damnit, I’ve got knees too and they are feeling a little left out from all the excitement, so the left one decided today to cause me pain, lots of it. The unimpressive part of the story is that I didn’t do anything exciting or fantastic in order to have it hurt. It started after I hopped out of my truck at the airport this afternoon, and progressively got worse the more I walked on it. Now, every time I put any weight on it when it is slightly bent, I am rewarded with a blinding shooting pain that wraps around my knee. Walking up the stairs like a normal person is impossible.

So, I’ve got that going for me in addition to getting sick. At least I know where I can get my hands on a pair of crutches, but so far, not so much in the way of sympathy. It seems that I’d have to have my knee implode into a black hole in order to impress Kara, the resident authority on hinged appendage injuries in this house. Until then, I’ll just look silly walking up the stairs.

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