Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Learning Bath

Well, Natalie's getting bigger, now that she's turning four next week, and since the bathtub seems to be getting smaller now that we've got two of them sloshing around in there, I figured it was time to start Natalie down the right road to personal hygiene by learning how to wash herself. Up until now, it was just easier and quicker to do it myself, and although having both of them stand there like a car wash was quite efficient, it just dawned on me that Natalie might be old enough to do it herself.

At first, like anything, I figured she wouldn't want to do it. I mean, who can blame her? I would love to have someone wash me while I sat there and didn't have to lift a finger, but to the contrary, she seemed excited for me to teach her.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed in that hushed tone she gets when she's excited about something. "This is going to be a learning bath!"

And so it was. I taught her about lather, bubbles, the soap, where to start, where to end and everything in the middle.

Now, if only I can teach her not to empty the entire tube of toothpaste onto her brush, we might have our evening routine down to a science.


Ryan or Kara said...

Nat can wash herself! Matthew even tries to wash himself too! Where've you been?

Grant's Mom said...

That is funny!! I bet you are proud of your recent finding. I second the notion of not emptying the tube of toothpaste out on the toothbrush...they shouldn't make it taste so yummy!!

Ryan or Kara said...

Yummy toothpaste? No fair. When we were kids we had to suffer through the adult kind. Crest wasn't that bad but it was not double berry sparkle!


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