Monday, April 02, 2007

Natalie the Brave

Either Natalie has yet to get hurt so she knows what it is like to be wary of something, or she is just a gutsy little girl underneath it all. We went to the park on Sunday, to visit the Easter Bunny, take a couple of pictures and do some Easter related crafts. Our realtor who sold our house for us and helped us buy this one, puts on little holiday-related promotional events in the park every couple of months, and they usually have an inflatable jumper of some sort. Normally, Natalie is a timid girl when it comes to crowds of kids, but just within the last few months, I have noticed that if she wants something bad enough, she just pushes her way through to get it. At the park, she saw the jumper and had kicked off her shoes soon as we got near enough. And she was inside, keeping up with the best of them.

But the jumper was just the teaser. The real test of agility and bravery was the wall and slide. To get to the slide, you have to climb up a rope ladder, similar to one Marines climb down on into the landing craft. The first time I saw her do it, I was quite amazed becuase it is about 20 feet high, and one wrong step would amount to quite a fall.

But the payoff is the swooshing slide on the other side:

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