Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Day in the Apple Orchards

It turned out to be a nice Autumn day when we headed up the mountains to Oak Glen to pick apples. Of course, since it was a Monday, there was hardly anyone there… which was nice… but the two places we like to go were both closed, so we picked apples out of the bins at our favorite apple suppliers. It was a nice relaxing Fall day of picnicking, eating apples and looking at the animals in the zoo.

Instead of me droning on and on about it (frankly, I just don’t have time today), why don’t we just look at the pictures, and since Natalie brought her own camera on the trip, let’s look at the day through her eyes. It was cute to watch her wander around, snapping pictures of things that interested her, and every time she would click off a good one, she’d exclaim, “Got it!”

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