Saturday, August 05, 2006

Matthew’s On the Move

Here is just a short entry showing you a couple of pictures of the kids. The first one here is Matthew pretending he doesn't know how to crawl, as every time the camera sends out its initial beam of light to automatically focus, he either stops what he’s doing to check out the light or he drops to the ground like in an earthquake drill. I take hundreds of pictures of him, but the best ones are the ones that I take after sneaking up on him. If he doesn’t know I’m shooting, the candid shots usually turn out best. This photo was taking moments after he pulled himself up to a standing position and held it for about 15 seconds. Last week, he started crawling for the first time, and although I got it on video, I can’t seem to get him to hold still long enough to take a picture of him up on all fours. However, he's all over the place now that he has figured out how those once-useless arms and legs work; granted, it is a more reliable mode of perambulation to go commando—arm over arm—but he’s picking up some speed with his short bursts of crawling.

Soon, he’ll need a leash, I think.

As far as the second shot is concerned, I just wanted to point out where Natalie gets her eyes from. No blue in there for either one of us.

Wow, I posted something under 2000 words. Will miracles ever cease?

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