Monday, July 10, 2006

Who Do I Look Like?

There is always an on-going debate that starts whenever a baby is born; it’s the “who does it look like” conversation, and everyone weighs in with their opinion, but it is usually within some kind of variable that they make their decision. When Matthew is smiling and bright eyed, he looks just like his mother… but when he is sleepy and a little slack-jawed, why, he is a spitting image of his father.

Consider Exhibit A above, a vintage photograph of your humble narrator when he was approximately six months old, taken probably by the fine folks at JCPenny’s, who have been doing family portraits since dinosaurs learned how to smile. That handsome kid to the right who is trying to push me off the pedestal so he can steal the limelight is my brother Jason, two years my senior. Cute, aren’t we?

Exhibit B on the right is an average, run-of-the-mill, every day snap shot of our beautiful baby boy, Matthew, to which I invested approximately half of the chromosomes coursing through his little body. Therefore, I think I deserve to end the debate by saying that he looks exactly like me, hands down, no question about it. The eyes, the nose, that silly grin on his face… all of it, all mine. Well, ours now. With looks as cute as his, I’ll gladly share a little of it with him.

On the other hand, check out a picture of my beautiful wife when she was a young girl of five or six years (left). Who does she look like? A dark-haired little Natalie perhaps? I think so, especially in the chin and the cheeks. Granted Kara is a little older in the picture than Natalie is now, but you can see definite similarities.

You be the judge.

1 comment:

Kara said...

Great photo of Nat! You couldn't have found a better one? I see the resemblence with Matthew, but he had my mouth and my face shape. And I even think he has my eyes. Just a mother's opinion!


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