Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's the Day Before Tomorrow

Nothing happened today. No changes in my routine. No alterations in the usual course of my day to report. Blah, bland, featureless, ordinary, plain, bleck. I’ve got so much going on this week and weekend, that there doesn’t seem time to inspire myself into the usual one-sided conversation about nothing, my Seinfeld of blogs. It isn't as though I'm trying to come up with something here; I got nothing, literally.

It was hot. I was inside all day, chained to my computer, attempting to churn out a half-dozen stories that, on any normal day, I could crank out with one hand tied behind my keyboard. Instead, I stared blankly at a white screen, dazed by the moths flying around the lone light bulb in the corner of my mind. It flickered throughout the afternoon as I suffered through a bout of writer’s block, an unusual malady for even me… even here, I’ve got nothing to say. Everyone I needed to talk to was either out of the office or not taking calls. I ate hot dogs for lunch. I dropped a lung blowing up a new inflatable pool shaped like a frog for Natalie. We had dinner at Wahoos, a perennial favorite of the family, and then enjoyed a trip to the bookstore, which yielded booty for the bookshelves, a book about pirates. Arg, matey. Nothing fun happened.

Nothing exciting. Nothing changed. Gnat did a host of cute things, but that’s par for the course, and if I listed all of those here, I’d have no time to spend with her as I’d be dictating every conversation here. Matty was all smiles and giggles, which again, is just like yesterday. That’s how I awoke this morning. Kara laid him down in bed next to me, and I cracked an eye open to a huge toothless grin and bed-shaking giggles. Crazy kid.

Okay, yeah, I got something: Matthew cut his first tooth today, a snaggly little white island peeking up from the smooth ocean of pink gums. It bugged him for most of the day, I think, and Kara wouldn’t try whiskey. I would, but that wouldn’t help his tooth much. Sure help mine though. That’s it. How boring for you and creatively empty for me. Sorry to disappoint if you were in the mood for something fun or entertaining. Face it, the yellow brick road even needs repairing from time to time and the Horse of a Different Color just wants to stay the same sometimes. So, today will be known as the day before tomorrow and nothing more.

I hope something exciting happens tomorrow or I get a good idea. Mosquitoes are swarming around the stagnant waters of my creative energies, and even stories that I know will generate a couple grand are stuck in perdition. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll overcome the block and get on with my life.

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