Friday, June 16, 2006

Matthew’s Half Birthday

The little guy’s six months old today, so happy half birthday to him. Since blowing off work is one of my personal pastimes, today became family outing day (I had great intentions), but we had to have the bad before the good, as today was also Matthew’s six-month checkup at the doctor’s office. It was all giggles and smiles before the two needles jabbed him in legs, and then I think he felt somewhat betrayed by our good nature. I suggested that he “walk it off” and all was well again (He quickly fell asleep once we were back in the truck). Back in the doctor’s office, poor Natalie didn’t even get the opportunity to make a break for it, as she was unwittingly shanghaied into a booster shot while we were there. We decided not to tell her about her booster shot until the nurse produced the weapon. She saw it, noticed that Matthew was off of the table, albeit crying, but done, and put two and two together. At first it was a look of denial, but soon reality sunk in. Enter the waterworks, well before the needle went into her arm, a last minute choice by the nurse. She clutched her arm and had that look like she would never trust us again.

They gave her a sticker and a sucker (for getting suckered into a sticking) and with hugs from mommy, things were better. She wanted to go to the restaurant that mommy and daddy go to (which could be anywhere), but we knew it meant Chili’s. Good times were had by all, including Matthew… after all, it is his half birthday.

Then we did the customary trip to Target, and Natalie found the pinkest, purpliest aisle to go down. Kara looked at me and said, “She’s becoming quite a little girl now,” because her favorite aisle used to be the toys, now it’s the Barbies and the dress up aisle. She’s growing up.

Right now, it is nearly 10:00 and Matthew is still awake, refusing to go to sleep. He is so full of energy, just squirming around on the floor, kicking his feet and waving his arms. And the laughing and talking. He has his own language of cries, yelps, coos and chirps, accompanied by big open-mouthed smiles and wide eyes. Such a happy baby, three hours after he should have been fast asleep. He can now get up on his knees and elbows, and Kara caught him peeking over the railing of the crib; I had to lower the mattress spring to corral him in there.

I guess he just wanted to make the most of his big day, well, big half day.

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