Sunday, May 07, 2006

Welcome to My Life: It's a Lot Like Monopoly

Most people would like to compare themselves to what they consider to be great things: to the arts and those that create them, to famous people (maybe infamous), or to those traits that they admire in others. To some, life is "The Scream" or they hide a secret like the smile on Mona Lisa's lips, or perhaps it is merely a reflection of something nice someone said to them that day. Me? If I was able to compare my life to a sitcom, I think I'd be doing okay. They're entertaining, quick-witted and everything solves itself, returning to the status quo, in 23 minutes.

Of course, now that I write it down and put it out there, it sounds rather stupid... Forget I said it. My life is no more a sitcom than it is rousing game of Monopoly, only with real money. Granted I don't live on Baltic Avenue nor have I moved around the board to Park Place (but believe me when I say I've hit my share of Luxury Tax spaces--granted, sans the luxury), but I've landed somewhere in between... let's say Atlantic Avenue (it has a familiar ring to it). I have a little green house and a thimble, and I am thankful that everyday I can get up in the morning to roll the dice and see what life has in store for me.

Here, follow along and see for yourself.

But why, you ask, do you refer to procrastination in your title? Well friends. It's simple. I should be working (I'm sure I'll get around to explaining it later. You'll see.)

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